Where to get Custom Medical Equipment and Supplies

Custom medical equipment and supplies are meant to help patients with different needs. They include standing frames, wheelchairs, stair lifts, custom shower chairs, wheelchair ramps among many more.

They are essential, and hence, you need to be very vigilant when out purchasing for any related equipment. You deserve quality custom medical equipment to enjoy the right service.

No doubt, purchasing any custom medical equipment, might turn into a daunting procedure. This is possible if you do not have any reliable shop or place to buy from.

You will put yourself at the risk of either purchasing counterfeit custom medical equipment, or getting poor supplies of the same material. You can evade that tormenting experience, by considering the following places:

Well-equipped hospitals

In hospitals is where diagnosis and treatment of any health issue are conducted. Some hospitals also sell quality custom medical equipment.

However, not all hospitals have the capability of having this kind of supplies. You will need to visit a well equipped and private hospital to get these custom medical supplies.

While there, you can now go through the available medical equipment. Compare them against your specifications so that you can make an informed decision.

You have to enjoy the value for your money at all costs.

Online shops

The internet has made life considerably more comfortable. It is now possible to make an order just from the comfort of your sofa in your sofa.

There are some online shops which sell various products. Some of the products you can get online also are custom medical equipment. From your phone, laptop or tablet you can go through those medical equipment supplies before having your pick.

Usimprints is an online shop, which sells a variety of products and services. It also has a section for custom medical supplies.

Visit usimprints.com; you will access the US Imprints-Custom Promotional Products website.

When it comes to buying custom medical equipment and supplies, you need to be very careful.

You ought to put into consideration some factors. For instance;

• Need

The type of need you have is what will compel you to either purchasing a wheelchair or a stair lift.

This means that the custom medical equipment you are about to bring on board should be able to help you combat the need at hand.

• Cost

The acquisition and maintenance cost of your preferred medical equipment is very crucial.

There is a need for getting into debts as a result of acquiring expensive medical equipment.

Carefully go through the quotations attached to the one you want to purchase. Go for the most affordable material but also one with high quality.

• Durability

It is costly when you have to engage in replacing your wheelchair frequently.

You can avoid this torment by purchasing a functional and robust wheelchair. It will save you a lot of cash that would have been wasted.


Custom medical equipment and supplies should be acquired from licensed hospitals and online shops.

These products are very vital and need to be of high quality, for better execution of the task at hand. In that connection, injuries that might be caused by this equipment will be minimized.

Ways to Spot A Legit Online Pharmacy

Everything is about convenience nowadays. What is more convenient than ordering your medications online and having them delivered right at your doorstep.

Convenient? Yes. Safe? Don’t be too sure.

Here are some tips on what to look out for so you can check if you are indeed purchasing from a legitimate or accredited online pharmacy:

Prescription Requirements

An accredited online pharmacy would ask you to provide your prescription details before selling medicines that require a physician’s prescription.

Selling Price

The selling price should not significantly differ between the online pharmacy and the brick-and-mortar pharmacy. This holds true for all types of medication, even vitamin supplements. Online pharmacies would have a slightly lower price particularly if they are the distributor though.

Contact Details

Verifiable information on how they can be contacted via email, mail, or phone, should be clearly posted in their website. If you don’t see any contact details, it would be best to choose another online pharmacy.

Right to Privacy

Your contact and credit card information should be kept private. If they claim that your contact information will be shared with a third-party company for other possible offers , this should serve as a warning signal.

License and Accreditation

Accredited online pharmacies will proudly display their license to operate badges. They also are usually affiliated with brick-and-mortar stores where you can talk to a license pharmacist if need be.

The affiliation part can be a bit tricky though. There are some accredited online pharmacies that do not work with brick-and-mortar pharmacies since they are already affiliated with licensed pharmacies in other countries.

Taking fake or expired medicines can cause more harm than good. There are a number of online pharmacy search engines that help verify if the pharmacy you are interested in is licensed and accredited to operate.

Overall, the greatest rule of thumb that you should follow would be “if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.”

7 Things to Know When Starting an Online Medical Supply Company

You’ve decided that you want to start an online business where you will be offering medical supplies. Great! But before you begin embarking on your new business venture, read on to be informed of the important things you should know when starting an online medical supply company.

Narrow Down Your Products

If you want to limit your market to online consumers, it would benefit you immensely if you choose a specific set of products that do not require an approval from a doctor or other healthcare professionals.

Funding Source

Any type of business requires a good amount of funds. An online medical supply business is no different. Keep in mind that medical supplies can actually be a bit more expensive than other supplies. The more recent the technology used to create the medical supply, the more expensive it can be.

Business Registration

Check for the requirements to make your online business legal for all intents and purposes. Make sure that necessary licenses have been obtained.

Storage Area

For start up online businesses, you only need a small storage space, but it has to be compliant with the storage requirements set by your local healthcare organization. Not following their storage requirements may result in having your license revoked.

Networking with Manufacturers and Distributors

Manufacturer prices are much lower compared to distributor prices. Take note that some manufacturers only supply their products via distributors though.

Staff Selection

You would need to at least have one staff to assist you with your business. Doing a thorough background check and even asking for opinions from former bosses can help you choose a competent staff.

Advertising Your Business

Everything is all set and ready to go. The last step would be marketing or advertising your online store. Depending on the type of medical supply that you will be selling, you should consider advertising in online websites that are in the same niche with the same target audience.

Getting prepped for any business can be a bit nerve-wracking at the beginning but once you get all the paperwork done, the rest will follow.


2018 Top 3 Non-Medical Healthcare Business Ideas

If you ever wondered which industry is fast growing and is still a profitable market? Then look no further. I would be more than happy to inform you that the industry you should be looking at is the health care industry.

Its continuous profitability and wide availability of business opportunities stem from the fact that healthcare is an important need of man. No matter what age, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation you may  have, the truth of the matter is that you always need to look after your health.

If you are interested in beginning a business that is related to the healthcare industry, here are a few non-medical business ideas that you might want to take into consideration:

Medical Waste Disposal

It is a well-known fact that the medical and health care industry produce tons of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes on a daily basis. This requires the need for a proper waste disposal agency to assure the general public that medical wastes are properly taken care of.

You can open a waste management business that focuses on medical waste disposal. I would recommend that you do a thorough research and feasibility study to be sure that this is the ideal business for you.

Consulting a representative of the  organization that issues waste management licenses is a great way to start.

Health Insurance Company

Insurance companies have been cropping up on a global scale and is honestly a very competitive industry. You need to make sure that you are offering something that the general public would be interested in purchasing several years from now.

If you are interested in starting a health insurance company, you would need permission from the insurance licensure organization to assure your potential clients that they are investing their money in a company that has a good credit standing.

Medical Supplies

With the wide variety of medical supplies available, it pays to narrow down a specific set of products that you wish to market.

Do you wish to focus more on medical supplies that doctors and other healthcare professionals will be interested in? Or do wish to focus more on offering medical supplies for the public in general?

Overall, a sound plan always begins with thorough research and feasibility studies. Don’t go in with y our eyes closed and hope for the best. Business means money and you might need to spend more than you bargained for before you begin getting your earnings, otherwise known as return of investment.